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The Complete 5 Book Bundle - Digital Downloads - My Etsy Business Planner, Social Media Planner, Business Planner, The Ultimate Order Book, 1K A Day

The Complete 5 Book Bundle - Digital Downloads - My Etsy Business Planner, Social Media Planner, Business Planner, The Ultimate Order Book, 1K A Day

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This bundle contains 5 digital downloads:

- The Ultimate Order Book 

This book consists of 10x order forms that can be re-printed over and over again!

It also has a handy loyalty tracker, so you can keep a record of your most valuable customers. 

A profit tracker - use this page to keep record of your income / expenditure and profit. 

A product tracker - identify your best selling products and create a plan for introducing more best sellers to your collection.

Additional helpful hints and tips from me! 

- Business Planner

This book is great for planning and scaling your business. Whether you're just starting out, or have been running your business for some time, this planner is sure to assist you.

It includes plenty of space for you to plan / identify your business niche and customer market. 

An ideas page, where you can note down business ideas / plans and doodles.

A weekly planner, which can be printed and reused over and over. 

A daily planner, which can be printed and reused over and over. (Also includes a bonus checklist which i like to use when running my business!)

An advertising tracker and separate advertisement review page, keep a track of your ad budget and spend, and how well they have performed. 

Profit tracker, to help you stay on top of your income / expenditure and profit! 

Goals page, where you can note down some of your short term and long term goals for your business.

Success tracker, record the number of sales / amount of profit made and your social media following after 1 / 3 / 6 and 12 months of using this planner.

- Social Media Planner

Contains an accounts list, to help you organise your social media handles and passwords (if you wish)

Weekly social media planner, to help you schedule your social media content in advance.

Daily social media planner, this is designed to help you schedule 3 posts per day, you can note down what platform you wish to post on, the topic of your post and record the results.

Ideas page - make a note of your ideas for new social media content

Following, track your follower base for your social media accounts, set goals and measure the difference.

Success tracker - set and accomplish your social media goals, keep a track of how your following has progressed after 2 weeks / 1 / 3 / 6 months of using this planner. 

Next steps planner - what do you want to conquer next? Make a plan!

Goals - list your short and long term social media and business goals here!

- My Etsy Business Planner

The fourth book in our business range, The Etsy Business Planner has been designed to help you stay on top of your Etsy business, while maximising your chances of selling.

This ebook includes:

Business / Store information pages - Make a note of your stores contact information, URL link and also details about your customer market, goals and achievements.

Daily Planner - On our daily planner there is plenty of space for you to organise your day, with a “to do” list on the side where you can add important notes. On this page you can also keep a track of your total product views, shop visits and orders for the day  

Weekly Planner - Plan for the week with our weekly planner, schedule days for listing your new products, or perhaps your post run? You can also keep a record of your product views , shop visits and total orders for the week on this page.

Etsy Ads Tracker - Etsy ads are a great way of scaling your business on their platform, here you can keep a track of the duration your ad was running, your budget, total spend and the outcome from this as.

Profit Tracker - keep a record of your income , expenditure and profit with our simple to use profit tracker.

Order Form - Our standard order form is great for keeping a record of customers who have purchased your ready to ship products. 

Custom Order Form - Do you offer custom orders? Or perhaps customisable products? Then this order form may help you! With space to make notes and sketches, you can keep all order information in one place.

Product Planner - Increase the chances of making a sale by launching new products! With our product planner you can draft your product, before launching it to Etsy.

Best Seller Tracker - did you get an Etsy best sellers badge? Or perhaps it’s a personal best seller for you? Make a note of your best sellers on this page, and remember to really drive your sales to these particular products.

Goals - Make note of your long term and short term goals.

Sales Success Tracker - Got a sale? Great! Now mark it off on your sales tracker! Measured from your very first sale to a whopping 50,000 sales! (You CAN do it!)

Tag Vault - Tags are important when using Etsy as it helps increase the visibility of your products, make a note of your tags used, or your most successful tags here in your Tag Vault.

Review Pages - Reviews are very important, whether they’re good or not so much. Being able to accept a negative review, learn from it and grow are the qualities needed for a successful business owner. 

- 1K A Day

In this book, we are sharing everything we have done with our business, which started with absolutely no investment, and barely enough money to cover our first month Shopify fees, to a business that is turning over £1k per day.

We have often been asked how we have grown as quickly as we have (in 9 months!), and honestly, there isn't one straight forward answer, it has involved a lot of hard work, and even some trial and error. 

Small Biz Supplies is all about supporting small businesses, so there are no secrets here, we're sharing all.

Topics Covered:

Selling on Shopify

Your Product

Your Brand





Email Marketing


This is a downloadable PDF file and will be emailed to you shortly after purchasing. Customers with existing accounts will also be able to access them under your 'orders' page . Please ensure you enter an email address at the checkout. 

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