Expand Your Business FAST & FREE

Expand Your Business FAST & FREE

Here at Small Biz Supplies, we expanded our business back in 2022 with Faire, an online wholesale marketplace which has a lot to offer both you and your customers.

Setting up our wholesale store with Faire couldn't have been easier. And there are a bunch of incredible tools available including FREE email marketing and Shopify product import - this was super helpful for us and we had our entire product range imported and ready for sale in no time at all. 

What we love most about Faire, is the offers it presents not only to you, but to your customers too.


Every single new retailer that you refer to shop with you on Faire benefits from a £100 FREE spend plus free shipping with your store for an entire year. So your customer bags £100 worth of free goodies, and you still get paid 100% of the money.

When we launched our store, the orders came flooding in, in the hundreds, not only from customers we had referred over, but from new customers who had found us when browsing Faire's marketplace.

This new brand exposure, and financial boost meant we were able to offer MORE new products, competitive pricing, and also freebies to our store. And we can confidentiality say, this wouldn't have been possible without this incredible offer brought to us by Faire.

 So what are you waiting for? There's absolutely nothing to lose, and potentially an awful lot to gain!


Expand Your Business TODAY!

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